Emotions 13: The Most Important Thing

In order to fully love and worship God, we have to let go of competing affections in our hearts. We have to stop and ask ourselves if our love for a certain something is distracting us from the love that God has for us. An empty feeling inside may be a signal that God’s love is not feeding us as it should be.

When this happens, it’s important to make the sacrifice of removing that certain something from the throne of worship in our lives. It’s worth losing friendships (or even some time with other adult family members) if God specifically directs you to, in order to follow him. Notice what good feelings you’re craving and ask God to provide them.

It is also important that your best friends be people who have trusted Jesus Christ as their Savior and are loving him with all their hearts. That’s why we go to church as often as possible. Ask God to create a social circle for you that you love. Then, go after it.

Your everyday life is the art of your worship. The Holy Ghost of Jesus is a person, not a feeling. He is always with you; he does not need to be invited or drummed up as if he were an experience. Beware of trying to use worship music to bring an emotional rush. Hymns have deep truth with inspiring music.

13. Look up the lyrics of a few hymns and pray them when you need encouragement. A list of links to hymns is below. 

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