Spirit 3: The "I'm-Right" Trap

In 1446 BC, hundreds of thousands of Hebrew slaves left ancient Egypt because they had seen huge miracles. They trusted that God was on their side against their cruel masters. Right before they left Egypt, God punished the Egyptians for their cruelty and pride by killing each one of them who was an oldest son. However, every Egyptian had the chance to be rescued from this plague. 

Since God is just and fair, he gave everyone a choice, both Egyptian and Hebrew, to choose whether they were on his side or the side of the false gods. Those who put the blood of a dead lamb on their front doorway would be safe from harm. Those who didn’t care about God’s way to be saved would lose a family member. The dead lamb, symbolizing Jesus on the cross, showed the pain that they had caused to God and men.

Cruel slavery is not God’s design for his precious creation. After Moses led the slaves out of Egypt, God gave them ten commandments to show them how beautiful life can be when he makes it right. Immediately, the devils set to work deceiving the people. The Hebrews soon found out that a beautiful life will never come by following God with an I’m-right attitude, because this overshadows God’s voice in our souls.

Remember I told you that God knows how to deal with deception? I’m-right thoughts come with and-they’re-wrong thoughts, which steal the beauty of rightness. So, whether you are the one that is wrong or the one looking down on the one that is wrong, you are a slave to deception. Freedom only comes from loving people the way that God loves them. When we feel his love, we don’t need to compare ourselves with others in order to feel better about ourselves.

Assignment 3: Is there a person or group who you feel lives wrongly? Ask God to show you his deep love for them. Write how he feels. 

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