Emotions 10: Cracks and Pressure

We have seen how our thoughts are like the water pipes that carry emotions from our roots to our fruit. When a pipe is broken, God can repair that plumbing by healing the devil’s deception with his truth.

A crack in the pipe is called a pressure point. That’s where we notice that we’re feeling bad and use our trust in God to glue our thoughts back together. He dries the leaks of our tears and realigns our pipes with his healthy thoughts about us.

After the Hebrews left Egypt, they raised their children while wandering around in the wilderness for decades. God brought the new generation to the land of their dreams, guarded by fierce giants. At Jericho, they faced huge walls that they could not attack. God offered to give them the city if they would march around it for seven days, thirteen times, and blow the ram’s horn with great shouting. They did it and the walls fell.

The life of your dreams is guarded by an army of devils who are constantly working to keep you deceived. These emotional strongholds can feel like Jericho- impossible to overcome. Walls that your parents couldn’t take down now threaten to block you from the sweetness of a life of milk and honey with Jesus.

Walls protect valuable things that are vulnerable. You are valuable to God and vulnerable to the devil, and you have been since before you were born. However, God has always had a plan for your life. If you will work this plan with him, little by little the walls that protect your most vulnerable cracks will make way for great healing.

God’s strategy for nurturing emotional intimacy with us involves circling, not attacking, the pressure points in our lives. These are the spots where we were mistreated, often by authority figures who misrepresented God the Father to us in our childhood. As we start feeling God’s real love, these strongholds of misunderstanding begin to crumble.

Assignment 10: Do you have any emotional walls inside of you? Write about your pressure points. 

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