Emotions 9: Why You Feel Bad

Here are some common root causes of our negative emotions:

Anger: I was hurt and I’m afraid it will happen again. Justice must be served.

Rage: Justice was never served and I believe the problem will continue.

Hatred: I have an unsolved problem with another person who hurt me.

Fear/Anxiety: Something bad could happen if I don’t fix my problem.

Grief/Sadness: Something bad happened to me. I need to take some time to heal.

Depression: Bad things keep happening to me and I can’t take the time to heal.

Laziness: I am not motivated to accomplish the goals that will improve my life.

Impatience: I am afraid that I will run out of time to meet my goals.

Greed/Selfishness: I don’t have enough, so I can’t share what I have with others.

Jealousy: What that person has is better than what I have.

The art of worshipping means asking God to make right whatever’s wrong when you notice these feelings. The whole point of faith and trust is believing that [1] God wants total good for you, and [2] he will work everything out for you alongside of you. Without this shield against Satan’s lies, true worship is almost impossible. The Bible exists to show us that we can trust God with all of the wrongness, everywhere. Whether or not the Holy Spirit shows you how to solve your problem right away, he can take your bad feelings on his cross and return your love, joy and peace. That’s why Jesus called him the Comforter (John 14:26-27). 

Assignment 9: Use The Security Strategy every time you feel badly to grow your fruit of the Spirit. (This is the printable packet from Lesson 7.)

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